Marrakech: and a tale of dreaming

It began about three years ago. The dreaming. I began to dream vividly – all night, every night. My dreams began to wake me up, not just once but several times a night. They still do.

Sometimes I dream that amazing things will happen to me – opportunities so incredible that I want to jump straight into the air in happiness. I believe that these dreams are meant to encourage me.

Sometimes I dream hurtful and horrible outcomes, replete with betrayals and lies. I believe that these dreams tap into my inner fears and are meant to teach me.

Sometimes I dream in parables, with characters who speak in couplets or riddles. I believe that these dreams are meant to give me signs and send me messages.

{I once dreamt three nights in a row a continuing conversation with the Moroccan King -- he explained to me in detail his vision for building Morocco.}

And sometimes I dream situations that seem to come true the following day, or the following week, like a film preview of what is to come. Only it’s my life.

It all happens….in my dreams.

Do you dream?


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