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We believe the world would be a better place if everyone made an effort to be better neighbors.

Project Soar- Marrakech, Morocco

As part of our modern tribe, you know the importance of being a good neighbor. Just like baking a pie to welcome a new neighbor  or helping someone down the street repaint their garage, strong communities are built on people who do for others. Together we can all be better world neighbors. Project Soar is our manifestation of this philosophy.

The goal of Project Soar is simple: to help aspiring communities soar a little higher through art education, renovation projects, as well as through sports and health education. Project Soar works one neighbor and one neighborhood at a time. The village of Douar Ladaam, home to Peacock Pavilions, serves as the association's pilot community.

Started in 2013 by Maryam and her husband, Project Soar now hosts weekly arts education and sports and fitness activities for over 50 underprivileged girls. We also provide fitness activities bi-weekly to a group of 30 underprivileged women.  With momentum building, the Project Soar team is now collaborating with villagers on Project Pride, a vibrant community development project that is literally painting the town a brighter color and helping local shop owners complete much needed renovations.

Peacock Pavilions strives to be that good neighbor we all want to live next to. The hotel gives 10% of its profits annually to Project Soar and also provides facilities for many Project Soar workshops and employment for several local villagers. The sale of all M.Montague Souk products also directly supports Project Soar. Staff, guests and friends of Peacock Pavilions and M.Montague all support the growth of Project Soar by volunteering their time, resources, and financial contributions. We welcome partnerships of all kinds that fit within our mission.

Project Soar is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Marrakesh, Morocco. For more information about the activities and opportunities to support Project Soar, please visit our website: http://www.projectsoarmarrakesh.org/.